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Yes, we have had a long cold winter, but with it came a bountiful of white glitter that we call Snow!  No matter how much snow we managed to get this winter, it made our world more wonderful and glorious in it’s presentation.  The snow covered trees, covered grounds and all it’s splendor made it beautiful.  My daily ritual of snow walks with my furbabies made the frigid cold bearable with it’s winter glow. Another benefit, fertilizing the ground.  In my family we call it “Poor Man’s Fertilizer.”  So, as I walked around my yard and gardens this morning, I took in the beauty of this winter and was thankful for it’s bountiful gift of snow for fertilizing my gardens. As I saw the start of my spring bulb plants popping up from the ground, I was reminded how beautiful Spring is on Cape Cod, with all the blooming plants, bushes and trees that come alive this magical growing season.  When one plants a garden………..”They are Planting Dreams, Pulling the Weeds, and Growing a Happy Life!”  A garden mantra to live by and to be inspired by. Enjoy your garden of life!

Have a wonderful day!

Fairy Dust Kisses and Garden Blooming Wishes from Lady Brett


Everyday we get our flowers delivered to our studio, and it is like Christmas when you start to unpack, process and hydrate the flowers.  Each box contains a beautiful array of colorful and fragrant flowers to make your senses go into overload.  My roses are just beautiful with their sturdy stems and high petal count and their amazing fragrance.  The assorted cut tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth are strong evidence that the warm Spring weather is just around the corner and our long winter is about to come to an end.  Making up my signature floral arrangements with all these beautiful flowers for my clients gives me such joy and inspiration for upcoming orders and holidays.  As I complete each arrangement, I get more and more excited knowing that soon, our Spring will be upon us and we will be enjoying our flower gardens.  But until then, if you need a flower boost of joy call me and I will design an arrangement for your table that will inspire the promise of Spring for you to enjoy. Ring #508-430-7151 for Lady Brett’s Flowers

The outdoor thermometer is stating 51 degrees in my backyard, today.  I immediately threw on my garden wellies, my Barn coat and grabbed my gloves and started to walk around my property to evaluate the ‘clean-up” process.  As I took in the area sipping my hot tea and  surveying the winter damage, I was making a mental to-do list of what was needed to be done before my spring crop of plants, were to arrive for my greenhouse and gardens.  First, was to collect all dead branches and foliage debris, then a good raking of the grass and then a final leaf blowing just to get rid of hard to rake areas. Next, any broken or hanging branches need to be removed and cut back.  Putting this debris in a barrel to burn in my fire place is also a double use-I use the ashes from my fireplace to spread around my rose bushes, and euphorbia plants-they so love the ashes.  So, after lunch, I am going to do these tasks and start my “Spring Clean-up” in my gardens.  This is one of my favorite times of the year.

Have a great day!

Fairy Dust Kisses and Garden Blooming Wishes from Lady Brett

As I am getting ready to remodel my workroom in my floral studio for my business, Lady Brett’s Flowers, I am finding I need to not only have an organized and clean look about my workroom but I want it to also inspire me and reflect my personality, in how it is set-up and arranged.  As a florist/gardener I have many necessary tools and items needed to do what I love doing.  Garden tools, floral wires, glue sticks, card holders, oasis bricks, ribbons and so much more needed to run my business effectively and efficiently.  These items are meant to be at the ready at all times.  So, as I am arranging these items in metal storage baskets, wooden wine boxes, glass candy jars and sectioned garden baskets, I realize they need to not only be labled on the outside of the storage containers but I need to section them off in various categories.  Instead of having a colored paper to section off categories, I decided to make chalk boards out of cutting boards.  These days, cutting boards come in creative and unique shapes.  I purchased a few at a local unfinished wood product store and some from the local church thrift shops.  I painted them with  chalk board paint which can be purchased from your local paint and hardware store.     Once completed, I strung red #3 grosgrain ribbon (my favorite ribbon) and I have red accents in my workroom so the ribbon ties in all together with my Vintage red french metal enamelware containers.  Now I have an assortment of designated areas for my work materials which will be labled with a cutting board chalk board hung on the wall in necessary areas.


Depending on how many boards you want to make this DIY project is about an hour in a half to do.

Materials needed:

wooden cutting boards

grosgrain ribbon

sand paper

chalk board paint

cleaning wipes


Paint brushes/or paint sponges

Sand out and smooth any dings or ditches in the wood of the cutting boards. Wipe off with a cleaning wipe-let air dry for about 10-15 minutes.  Shake and stir chalk board paint thoroughly and paint one coat to 2 coats on one or both sides of the cutting boards.  Air dry between coats for about 20 minutes.  Once completed string ribbon through hole and hang in your desired location.

Have Fun, and let me know how you did and send me pictures of what you did with your cutting boards.  I will be posting photos of the progress of my new workroom soon…….

Fairy Dust Kisses and Garden Blooming Wishes From Lady Brett

Growing up on Cape Cod, we didn’t have all the bells and whistles we have now, for Sunday afternoon entertainment..  In our house, Sundays were strictly family time and it consisted of planning the family dinner at 2pm, and  doing projects around the house after church.  My Mom was extremely creative and crafty and would have all sorts of things to do with me while my Dad would get dinner going.  We would make anything from fabric, rocks, and decoupage any old cards onto metal or wood surface.  So in honor of  the tradition of making Valentine’s, I thought I would share with you a decoupage  craft I would do with my mom.

River Stone Rock Valentine’s

What you will need:

Palm sized River Stones or a bit larger at least 6 or more  (depending on how many Valentine’s you have)

Jar of Modge Podge, couple of sponge brushes

A good selection of Home and Garden magazines-already read–please!


What you need to do-

First wash with soap and warm water the River Stones and dry them thoroughly

Go through the magazines and cut out and to fit words. letters and images to go on your River Stones

I like to cut out words or Letters more than images to make a monogram with a nice quote

for example………………….My initials

L.B. and the word Bloom underneath the letters.

I spread with the sponge brush a lite coating of the Modge Podge on the stone and place the items I cut out of the magazine on the coated stone.

Then I put another light coat and let it dry for about 15 minutes and put 2 more coats.

Now you have a monogramed stone for your Valentine!

Enjoy, Lady Brett



Valentine’s day is coming!

It is time to start thinking about what kind of gifts you want to send to your Valentine!  If your Valentine is a frustrated gardener this time of the year, and who isn’t with all this snow, and you want to send them a Blooming living garden to get them through the next few weeks till they can actually get out in the garden. Have Lady Brett’s Flowers create a Blooming Garden for your Valentine.  My living Gardens are packed with blooming plants to enjoy while we are stuck inside waiting for Spring. My Blooming Gardens arrive packed full with plants in creative and vintage style containers, to be enjoyed for a very long time and the plants and bulb plants can be planted in your garden for a lifetime of enjoyment.  Your Valentine will know you are thinking of them with Blooming thoughts and Garden wishes.  Choose from a lovely selection of spring Bulb plants, Fairy Primroses, Ivies, Hydrangeas, and fragrant Gardenias.  We also have from the greenhouse fragrant cooking herbs to make a Kitchen  Herb Garden for your Valentine. All our Living Gardens come wrapped in cellophane with a bow and are in containers, such as vintage metal, garden style baskets and ceramic containers.  Please Ring # 508-430-7151 for more details.

Fairy dust Kisses and Blooming Garden Wishes from Lady Brett!

Valentine’s Day for flowers is the start of the year for giving flowers weather to a loved one, someone special or even to an acquaintance to let them know they are special.  Giving flowers is a fragrant and visually beautiful way of letting someone know you are thinking about them.  When someone receives a delivery of flowers either at home or at work they automatically feel special and loved or thought about.  Delivering flowers is one of my favorite parts of my business, no matter the situation of one receiving flowers, it automatically makes them feel better. The past year has been quite difficult for a lot of people, friends and family and when the new year arrived everyone has been hoping that 2014 will be a much needed better year, for all of us.

So, this Valentine’s Day when you are thinking about sending flowers, think of Lady Brett’s Flowers!!  All my flowers arrive fresh and I arrange them just before pick up or delivery and I always am happy to get special request.  We have a wonderful selection of Red, White (my ultimate favorite), Pink, Yellow and Purple Roses, all can be arranged in our lovely selection of glass vases or specially wrapped in an elegant long rose box with big bow.  Rose arrangements come in half dozen, dozen and 2 dozen in our signature wrapped vases with complimenting filler and greens.  I am also doing my mix garden style flower arrangements with roses, hydrangeas, lilies, peonies, calla, tulips and so much more.  We are open daily and delivery Cape wide.  If you need to order out of state, please feel free to call me and we will find you a local independent florist in the area of where you want to send flowers. Please do not call a 1-800 flower warehouse companies, it is so not the same as dealing with a real local florist- Buying at a local and independent florist is so much more worth your money.

Fairy Dust Kisses and Blooming Garden Wishes from Lady Brett

As many of you know-I collect things. A lot of things! One of my favorite collections is chalk boards, especially old vintage school boards.

However, I like chalk boards that are not even square or rectangle.  I came across some old metal trays in the basement while I was putting away some of my Christmas decorations.  I thought they would make nice chalk boards with some winter quotes on them to go with my Winter Bliss decorations in the house.  clean an old tray, and let it dry for a couple of hours. Buy black chalk board paint, at YOUR LOCAL hardware or home improvement store, and white  chalk. Put 2 coats of chalk board paint on the flat surface of the tray-let dry.  write quotes that reflect the season we are in. I put on my chalk board tray, “Snowflakes are like Butterflies in Winter”, and then I put my snowflake glasses on the tray.


I love to start my day out on a positive note and get inspired by other’s inspirations, quotes and or nature’s gifts of beauty. I am one to follow a daily ritual, be it personal or work related, but I have a ritual, that I follow. I start my day off by seeing the beauty of what life has given me, and to see the day through as not a challenge but a journey to bring out the best in myself and my work and treasure what life has given me, be it in the past, the present or the future. So, as we start this new year, my new blog and a new direction for my company, Lady Brett’s Flowers, I am grateful for all I have been given today to start my new year. My dogs, laying at my feet asleep, while I am working at my desk, my cats sleeping on the chair all getting along, the snow (poor man’s fertilizer for the garden) falling softly on my gardens and home, my business doing well, my friends so good to me and always there for me, roof over my head, food on the table, I am truly Blessed.

” No one is in charge of your Happiness, except you.”

Even though it is January and it is snowing, you can still do things out in the Garden on a day like such as this day on Cape Cod. I always save the pots of my annual hanging baskets for this time of year with the soil inside of them. I keep them inside so they don’t freeze till I need them this time of year.  I go out and start to cut branches of evergreens in my yard and arrange them in the pot then I sprinkle bird seed in them and put them around the garden.   It is a quick and easy project to do this time of year and it attracts a lot of birds to the garden. This project makes it nice to do outside and makes me feel that I am still working in the Garden.

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