Growing up on Cape Cod, we didn’t have all the bells and whistles we have now, for Sunday afternoon entertainment..  In our house, Sundays were strictly family time and it consisted of planning the family dinner at 2pm, and  doing projects around the house after church.  My Mom was extremely creative and crafty and would have all sorts of things to do with me while my Dad would get dinner going.  We would make anything from fabric, rocks, and decoupage any old cards onto metal or wood surface.  So in honor of  the tradition of making Valentine’s, I thought I would share with you a decoupage  craft I would do with my mom.

River Stone Rock Valentine’s

What you will need:

Palm sized River Stones or a bit larger at least 6 or more  (depending on how many Valentine’s you have)

Jar of Modge Podge, couple of sponge brushes

A good selection of Home and Garden magazines-already read–please!


What you need to do-

First wash with soap and warm water the River Stones and dry them thoroughly

Go through the magazines and cut out and to fit words. letters and images to go on your River Stones

I like to cut out words or Letters more than images to make a monogram with a nice quote

for example………………….My initials

L.B. and the word Bloom underneath the letters.

I spread with the sponge brush a lite coating of the Modge Podge on the stone and place the items I cut out of the magazine on the coated stone.

Then I put another light coat and let it dry for about 15 minutes and put 2 more coats.

Now you have a monogramed stone for your Valentine!

Enjoy, Lady Brett



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